How to Legally Interrupt in Court *from the Audience*

   First off, federal statutes are not to be played with; The United States Judicial System is an important & unique tool *by & for The People* that was hard-fought among a nation that has for too many centuries been caught in war; we are founded among the desperate fight for freedom among a disdainful past!  Respect the legal system- & if you don’t like something about it- change it!  It is built by us so let’s make it good for coming generations.

  This is a really amazing “UNCONDITIONAL RIGHT” that civilians have to “interrupt” from the “audience” (civil section) of the courtroom IF *another federal statute* “forces them to”:

Intervention of Right for wbsite

   An example of a “federal statute” that could “give an unconditional right” for “anyone” to “intervene”- which the court “must permit” would be:

Action for Neglect to Prevent full

   Here is “Section 1985” mentioned in the above statute:

Conspiracy to Interfere w Civil Rights full

   One way that the above three codes can “work together” in court is by saying something like, “Intervention of Right, Your Honour,” in a timely manner (at a relevant-to-the-circumstances moment).

   IMPORTANT!  If the Judge does not permit the Intervention of Right, they could then be charged with 2 counts of Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law– one count for depriving your right & one count for depriving The Defendant of their Due Process– which would also force the case to be thrown out).  The Sheriff could be charged with one count of Action for Neglect to Prevent.  The Judge could also be charged with Contempt of Court for “not following proper procedure”.  To file such charges, File a Citizen’s Arrest.


Thank you for this cutely-relevant Mark Twain quote!

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