Powerful Court Orders:

   Beyond voting- there are many ways using The Supreme Court Justice System to *get things done* without having to build an expensive campaign & petition or relying on your representative (although contacting them is very good as well- but using these too is better when applicable).  

The following is a list of powerful orders that U.S. Citizens can enact in order to bring progress to a stagnant or viral situation:

File a Cease & Desist Order 

e.g. telling a corporation to stop violating your property rights- you’re a *co-owner* of all public- including state & county-owned- wildlands.

File a Citizen’s Arrest

– Works on civilians & public officials- goes through different federal channels than the corrupt sector being dealt with so actually works; “due process” guaranteed by 5th amendment so be prepared to write a demand letter as follow-up o the courts in case it finds its way into the wrong hands- keep everything public.

File a Restraining Order

Keep someone (including agencies, entities, individuals) away.

File a Stay of Execution

Halts a judge’s order OR forces a past judgment into review in order to move something else forward.

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How the U.S. Judicial Branch is Designed to Help The People Fix the System, When Used as First Designed