Civil Rights Self Defense

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   The United States Judicial Branch is designed to help The People fix the system.

    REMEMBER- build evidence responsibly; the Judicial Branch is not something to be toyed with, but is there to ensure our safety & to draw justice from treachery & provide consideration & solution to any grievances with “the law” that you might have.  

   Also- this webpage is JUST GETTING STARTED (9-10-14), so please check back daily because things will *come into view* quickly now that Wild Willpower’s 4 public-resource-websites are finally in place after years of empassioned work.

First Amendment Rulings

Need-to-Know U.S. Codes

Power Tools for Citizens; Assume Your Powers

Help Build Open Source Class-Action Lawsuits

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How the U.S. Judicial Branch is Designed to Help The People Fix the System, When Used as First Designed