Our “Wildharvesting Cooperatives Across America!” Campaign is suspended until further notice: Counter-suit forming against City of Grass Valley for “illegal interrupt of campaign efforts”:

A message from Distance:

After 11 years of research, website development, & planning, our “Wildharvesting Cooperatives Across America!” Indiegogo Campaign was suspended due to several interruptions that occurred in both Grass Valley & Nevada City, California beginning when two Peace/Police Officers & one Chief of Police responded to both a State Vehicle Code & Grass Valley Municipal Code they accused me of being in violation of; instead of continuing to develop & promote the campaign & websites as planned, I’ve been studying relentlessly to begin learning how to stick up for The First Amendment in court. 

It has gotten interesting & is a very unique story with a new documentary attached:

Witness the Developing Story: Watch Footage w/ Distance & Police, Witness the Evidence, & Learn More About “Civil Rights Self Defense” Here

Distance Everheart full gearAbove:  Alexandra “Distance Everheart” Wilson, Curator of

All Petitions Below

Below is a growing list of petitions we care about; click on the titles before each petition to learn the problems & practical solutions regarding each issue.  Please tell people about our website & share this far & wide & help us make a better resource in any way you see fit:

Petition #1: Switch California to Single-Payer Health Care, as Vermont did

Petition #2: Protect U.S. Waterways, Crops, & Native Ecosystems

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Free Range Cattle Manure, Contaminating U.S. Ecosystems, COULD Be Used as Fuel Source

Petition # 3: End Unconstitutional “Ag-Gag” Laws That Compromise National Security

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Petition #4: Companies Must Label Genetically Modified Foods

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Petition #4: Label Which Biological Organisms Medications Were Originally Derived From

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Petition #5: Ban Use of Styrofoam Plates/Cups as “To-go” Packaging by Food Industries

Petition #6: Pardon, Free, & Apologize to Private Manning, & Change Military Protocol to Protect Whistleblowers Exposing U.S. War Crimes

Petition #7: Implement Paul Stamet’s “Plan for Mycological Remediation of Fukushima” as an “Official Response” of International Community

Petition #8: Overturn All Anti-Hitchhiking State Laws & Local Ordinances for Violating Our Right to Peaceably Assemble

Petition #9: Companies Cannot Be Held Liable for Giving Away Excess Food at the Discretion of the Employees

  Petition #10: Abolish All “Vehicle Habitation” & Other Such Ordinances That Incriminate Sleeping in Vehicles

Petition #11: Support Homeless Peoples’ “Right to Rest” Within City Limits is another solution-oriented project site in-the-making by,

Thank you!

Distance & Kevin