There are 3 Entirely Different Justice Systems Operating within the U.S.:

This has been very confusing to people, & frankly the non-U.S., corporately-owned-&-operated justice system has been mimicking our legitimate justice system unbeknownst to the people, writing illegal codes (ordinances, etc.) & enforcing them as laws for corporate interests (profit), & by doing so violating the rights of our citizenry, of whom many are being both imprisoned & fined under this false corporate system operated usually under the authority of locally-elected governments.

Not only this, but our legitimate system has also been infiltrated by officials operating on behalf of these same corporate interests.  Fortunately, the system itself is designed in such a way that when utilized as designed it actually has the power to publicly expose & extract infiltration, which is what this website is all about.  First off, learn the difference between the two:

Corporate-Owned County (Commercial) Justice System

Makes decisions based upon principal (profit), & is run by local county governments; each county is owned by a CEO.  County court officials claim that the courthouse is “privately owned by the county” when pressed for answers.

The Federal Judicial Branch

Makes decisions based upon principles (see Bill of Rights & Constitution of The United States), & is operated by the federal  government; this system contains powerful tools embedded into it that people are not taught about in schools, which, when used properly, are designed to be able to expose corruption within the government & then extract it using due process (see 5th Amendment within The Bill of Rights).

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How the U.S. Judicial Branch is Designed to Help The People Fix the System, When Used as First Designed